About Me

Lori and Daughter Taylor

Welcome, my name is Lori Mattingly, creator of Indah Leather Wrap Bracelet.  I created Indah after many years of life experience with a purpose of inspiring others with beautiful hand crafted jewelry.

I began my professional career in the Nutritional/pharmaceutical industry and hold a B.S. in Foods & Nutrition from SDSU as well as a LE from UCSD. I’ve been making jewelry as gifts and for myself ever since I was 15.

After staying home to raise two wonderful children I decided to revisit my love for art and gem stones. In an effort to express my creative side I began designing beaded wrap bracelets with precious earth stones that posses natural healing properties.

My greatest inspiration for my bracelets and rings is my passion for yoga, the outdoors and fashion.  I make each piece myself in my San Diego studio with top quality and reclaimed products to conform to a green environment.

I hope that you are inspired with my creations as they grace your arms and fingers.  Please feel free to contact me here anytime.

Love & Light,